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Q: Are you able to match my factory or custom color with the mobile paint repair process?

With the latest automotive car body paint repair technology and a computerized colour matching paint system, our expert technicians are able to produce an accurate factory colour match.  We can also undertake custom spray jobs as required for instance if you were to modify and customise your car.

Q: Other than bumpers, what other plastic auto parts are you able to repair and paint using the mobile paint repair process?

In addition to plastic bumper restoration, DJ SMART REPAIRS of Manchester technicians are also able to repair and paint other plastic car parts such as plastic side mirrors, moldings, door handles, and rocker panels.

Q: What is mobile paint repair?

The “smart repair” process is the technique used to repair a vehicle’s scrapes, stone chips, minor dings, dents, and creases, as well as plastic bumpers that have paint damage (missing, cracked, or broken paint). This unique technology allows technicians to spot blend an isolated damaged area rather than painting an entire panel or multiple areas.

Q: Will the repainted damaged area(s) of my vehicle be visible to the average observer?

When we perform mobile paint repair work, only the highest quality paints and materials are used. For this reason, generally only the trained eye of an expert will be able to detect visible signs of a repainted area on a vehicle.

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