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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Process

Alloy wheel refurbishment is one of the most popular ways of making your wheels look new again. Short of spending the money for new wheels, this is the  least expensive way to keep them from reducing the quality and appearance of  your car.

Most alloy wheels are painted and the scratches that are a part of the normal wear and tear from the road can make them begin to look really bad. Check the wheels once they are removed from the car and the paint is stripped off to see if they have any deep gouges that will need to be filled. If so, these may need to be filled. The smaller scratches can be filled with alloy filler.

Once all the scratches and gouges have been filled, the wheels will have to be sanded so they are scratch and dent free once again. This is a process that takes a while, because they may have to be sanded a couple of times with different grit sandpaper to make the surface smooth and key the surface.

Once you have the sanding completed and everything is smooth, clean the wheel  thoroughly with mineral spirits. This is a very important step in the process.  The wheels must be perfectly clean. The bead is then broken on the tyer wall and then the tyers taped off so this keeps the tyres paint and chemical free.

When you are ready spray a coat of primer on the wheels. This should be  sprayed lightly at first and then spray using the back and forth motion overlapping 50-50 on each coat to achieve a smooth even finish. Once the primer is dry, it will need to be sanded  using wet sandpaper. Typically a 800 grit is used. You will need to put two coasts of primer on the wheels.

You are now ready to put the color on the wheels. Once you have sprayed the first coat, you should let it dry. You will need  2-3 coasts of color on the wheels dependant on the chosen colour and they must be completely dry before the  clear coat is applied. If not, this may cause many things from solvent pop to  discoloration. The clear coat is then baked and left for the chemical reaction to take place, causing the clear coat to become durable and weather resistant.


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